Friday, 19 November 2010

A Greater View from The Hill

I've just spent a bit of time updated the article about war graves in Walkley Cemetery. According to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission there are 44 graves in the Cemetery, and so I'm still got a few to trace.

On a different matter last night as I walked out of the house for a couple of pints down the road, I was surprised to find that the "View From A Hill" was a bit clearer, The reason for this greater clarity was that local Council workers, no doubt on the orders of superiors, had hacked the main spar of my and tossed it  back into my garden.

First of all I admit that the Council were acting totally in accordance with the law - it is right that they take robust action on overhanging branches that threaten seven foot tall people. But it is the way that they conducted themselves that leaves the usual bitter taste. Totally arbitrary with no notification at all to the householder - they just came, hacked a branch off, tossed it into the garden and left. 

The spar had been there many years and never caused any problems and was really nice in spring when it flowered. The tree itself is over thirty years old, and a present from my mother. It does have a strong sentimental value. But to the Council none of this matters - they have decided that overhanging branches are a menace and are to be hacked off. And in hacking off the branch, they have hacked me off!! 

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