Friday, 14 October 2016

The Marriage of Reuben Milner and Sarah Myers - Leeds May 22nd 1875

I came across this marriage certificate the other day in my family history files

At the time (May 2002) I was looking for the marriage of my great grandmothers twin sister Sarah Ann Myers who was born in Alderney Channel Islands on 16th April 1857. I was unsure about whether or not it was the correct marriage but my late mother did give me some encouragement, stating the name "Milner rang a bell".

Well after lashing out a few quid for a copy of the certificate, it was apparent straightaway that it was not my late mothers great aunt Sal - in fact it had nothing at all to my ancestors. Complete strangers.! But it was a lesson learned the hard way - I am a lot more circumspect nowadays when I order any form of certificate.

In the years following I did learn from the UK Census that my ancestor Sarah Ann Myers did marry a James Burnett who was born in Scotland in 1829 and so was 28 years older than Sarah Ann. And I still have not located a marriage certificate!

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