Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Grade 11 Listed Rubbish

We went for a walk on Sunday, and decided to amble around Sheffield's General Cemetery. Apart from the obligatory shower of rain, it was an interesting walk. But what really hacked me off was this. Bearing in mind that the entrance to the Cemetery is Grade 2 listed, and a marvellous example of early Victorian architecture, Shefffield City Council decided to place a bin at the entrance

 Not ideal I must admit, but if they are going to do it the least they can do is empty it!. As you can see it was literally overflowing with rubbish falling out all over the place. It is no good pointing this disgrace out to the Council, as you will get the familiar litany of government cuts, and savings that need to be made.

It is even more annoying when the self same council keep badgering the people of Sheffield about the need to re-cycle rubbish and enhance the environment. They ought to set an example

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