Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A New Year

A Happy New Year to all my reader(s)

It hardly seems to be two minutes since we (myself and the good wife) were discussing putting one or two things aside for Christmas during our weekly shopping trip; a tin of beans one week, or a packet of OXOs another, when suddenly Christmas and the New Year was upon us. 
No doubt, like yourselves, your Christmas festivities were over shadowed by the news of dear Prince Philip's heart attack, this certainly cast a gloom over proceedings, not just in our house but everywhere I visited - The Royal, The Sheaf View T'Club etc. Thank goodness that he seems to have survived this untoward threat to his Royal life - may we both wish him many more years of happiness and good health. 
Despite everything, we did our best to enjoy ourselves, a brief respite from the hard daily grind of our existence, glued, as we were to the wireless set, lest we miss the latest update regarding the recovery of our beloved Prince. Merry-making was kept to an absolute minimum (not hard when you live in the Crookes area of Sheffield) which is the correct way to conduct oneself when the Prince's life was threatened. We remained calm, dignified, and prepared, should there have been any adverse turn in our Prince's health.
Gawd bless 'im, that's what we say! 

North Norfolk police are currently investigating the discovery of a female body on the Prince's Sandringham estate. 
At the moment although the police are not ruling anything out, there have tentatively admitted that the death is not related in anyway to the Prince's recent illness.  

PS Thanks Richard 

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