Wednesday 19 October 2011

Elijah Moor (1867- 1961) - Over 60 years with Millwall FC

I came across the following cutting which was in the ever growing "to do" pile. The cutting relates to my family history.

Elijah was my second cousin's Barbara's great grandfather or to put it another way, Elijah's daughter Agnes was my grandfather's sister in law. Elijah can be see on the team photo of Millwall FC that was taken in the 1905 - 06 season. He is on the back row wearing a flat cap
I also have a photo of Elijah that was taken with my great grandmother Elizabeth Hobbs that was from an old photograph album that my gran had. The photo may have been taken in New Cross London in the late 1930's


Wednesday 12 October 2011

"Hold on Blanche, we are in for it here"

On the useful FreeBMD site there are the following entries for the following people who were from Walkley in Sheffield

Surname      First name(s)      Mother      District  Vol  Page

Births Dec 1915
Mountain     Blanche     Egginton     Ecclesall B     9c    830
Births Dec 1912 
Glossop     Frederick W     Green     Ecclesall B.  9c    813     
Deaths Dec 1932 
Glossop     Frederick W     20     Ecclesall B.       9c    343

And this cutting from The Manchester Guardian dated 23rd November 1932 reports on how it ended

Unusually the report does not state where the accident took place. 

But three years later the same FreeBMD has the following entry for Blanche
Marriages Sep 1935 
Burton     Joseph C     Mountain     Sheffield     9c    1151
Mountain     Blanche     Burton     Sheffield       9c    1151

and then these two entries

Births Sep 1937 
Burton     Brian J     Mountain     Sheffield     9c    694
Births Mar 1939  
Burton     Beatrice RMountain     Sheffield     9c    542

And so with at least two children to bring up Blanche had over 30 years of married life to Joseph before she too died

Name     Blanche Burton
Year of Registration     1967
Quarter of Registration     Jan-Feb-Mar
Registration District     Sheffield Registration County     Yorkshire
Age at Death:     51 Volume Number     2D Volume Page     202

I wonder if she ever thought of Fred Glossop or told her children of what happened in November 1932?

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Getting Worried

When I woke up this morning, I turned the radio on and started listening to "Wake Up to Money" on Radio 5 Live. Anyway I was shocked and dismayed. They were interviewing a man about the UK economy and what he would like the Coalition government to do in the future. He managed to get through the whole interview without any mention of the working classes which is de-rigeur amongst politicians nowadays, and espoused a series of measures that would in effect pander to the "haves". But the shock I experienced was when he started making references on more than one occassion to the "broad sunlit uplands". 

Taking his cue from Churchill's "Finest Hour" speech in 1940, he inferred that if the Coalition government take heed of his advice in the coming years then the "sunlit uplands" beckon. Unfortunately there was nothing in his advice that would advance the standard of living for the working classes - in fact most of it was actively hostile to them and would ensure that they remained forever in the "narrow dark valleys". 

Anyway after the interview finished I was told that this "Churchillian rhetoric" was uttered by John Longworth the Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce speaking from the 2011 Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. When these leaders of industry and defenders of the banks start using the language of 1940 you know you are in deep deep trouble. 

His fellow traveller David Cameron has also made references to the "uplands" in the past when he stated that a better world that awaits us on the other side of our current fiscal ordeal. When this will happen he is not saying at the moment which is just very worrying. 

It would be far better if they just told the truth but that would be even more worrying!

As a final point Churchill did refer to the likes of David Cameron and John Longworth in one of his quotes

"He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire."  


Letter of the Day

Just came across this newspaper cutting I had saved from an "Agony Aunt" dated July 2007. It was sent from a Mrs B in Essex