Thursday 10 October 2019

The Last Car to Walkley (Sheffield)

A postcard titled "The Last Car to Walkley" There is no date on the card and the illustrator who signed the card is a "F. Macleod"

It is a fascinating card and it has left me wondering whether or not the artist was making a point about the activities of the inhabitants of Walkley aboard the last tram. It was of course a full moon

If anyone could furnish me with more details of the artist F. Macleod I would be grateful 

Danville Steet Pitsmoor Sheffield

20th March 2014 - I posted a blog on Frederick Stratford who was the first victim of The Zeppelin Air-raid of 25/26th September 1916. He was also the first nearly 700 Sheffielders to lose their lives in German air attacks on Sheffield during the twentieth century

This is a photograph of Danville Steet, Pitsmoor Sheffield. No date is on the photograph. The street going off to the right is Letwell Place and the building on the corner of it (with big windows)  was Gunby's store. The street below Letwell Place was called Cantley Place.

From the reports of the inquest it seems as though Frederick in his bed at the time of the raid and a piece of schrapnel from an exploding bomb hit him and led to injuries that proved fatal 

The Bay Horse, Silver Street Head, Sheffield

This is a photograph of The Bay Horse, Silver Street Head, Sheffield There is no date on the photograph but judging from the clothes the children outside the pub were wearing, it is was taken circa 1900.

The Bay Horse was part of the estate of the brewer Thomas Rawson & Co. Ltd, one of Sheffield's oldest breweries

Thursday 3 October 2019

The Crookes Chinese Laundry Murder 1922 - An Update

One of the first articles I posted many years ago was what came to be known as The Crookes Chinese Laundry Murder in which the owner of the laundry Sing Lee was murdered by his employee Lee Doon. His body was then buried in the cellar of the laundry before it was discovered a few days later.

Lee Doon was arrested and charged with the wilful murder of Sing Lee and after a trial at Leeds Assizes, was found guilty and sentenced to death. An appeal against the conviction was dismissed and Lee Doon was executed at Armley Prison in Leeds on 5th January 1923.

For year I have been trying to obtain a photograph of  Crookes where the murder occurred and at last I have located one,

There is no date on the card but I am estimating that the date will be circa 1910 which was about ten years before the murder took place. The actual laundry - 231 Crookes is in the centre of the photograpgh

The One-Legged Pall-bearer - St Mary's Parish Church, South Elmsall, South Yorkhire

I came across this old newspaper cutting which sadly has no date. It was before 2008 because that is when the journalist Gail Robinson who wrote the item received her compulsory redundancy notice from Johnston Press in 2008. It appears that the local press barons decided to close the regional offices of the Sheffield Star in a cost-cutting exercise

The cutting relates to funerals at South Elmsall's St Mary's Parish Church and one in particular which led to a one legged woman being coerced into being a pallbearer at the funeral ceremony.

"It hardly added to the dignity of the occasion" was a bit of an understatement by the vicar Father George Moffat. What is more disconcerting is that the one-legged woman was the only volunteer. If she had not taken a corner of the coffin, I dread to think what would have happened next. 

Litter in Crookesmoor, Sheffield - October 2019

This flyer came through the letterbox the other day

Normally material like this is recycled immediately, but I thought that this splendid imitative requires greater publicity. Litter is a problem in the area where I live and sadly over the years it has got a lot worse. There are many reasons for this deterioration but it is heartening that some people are attempting to reduce the impact that littering has on our lives