Saturday 2 October 2021

St. Bartholomew's Church, Burgoyne Road, Walkley Sheffield


The above postcard shows the original St. Bartholomew's Church, on Burgoyne Road in the Walkley district of Sheffield. The large house below it is Walkley Divisional Police Station, which stood on the corner with Langsett Road, 

The church which was built in 1881 last for 100 years before it was demolished and replaced by a new church and apartment blocks. The link shows the new buildings on the site. St. Bartholomew's Church is now on Primrose Hill.

My Gran's cousin George Sanby was married in this church on 13th February 1916 but he died later that year in a Manchester hospital from wounds he received on the Somme. His name features on the Roll of Honour at St Bartholomew's Church, just one of 201 who lost their lives

Charles Henry Cavill of 10 Crookes Road, Crookes, Sheffield

I came across this postcard - the only information on the card is that the photo was taken by a Mr. Charles Henry Cavill of 10 Crookes Road, Crookes, Sheffield.

On the rear of the card are seasonal greetings but the card is unposted and so the year is unknown.

A check on the excellent Sheffield Indexers site revealed this entry in a directory

"CAVILL, Charles Henry (~, Confectioner). Address: 10 & 12 Crookes Road, in 1925. - Recorded in: Sheffield & Rotherham Kelly's Directory.

It appears that photography must have been a side-line for Charles. More of his photos are on Picture Sheffield. 

There is no indication who the three people are on the photo but the supposition is that it is Charles Cavill, his wife and daughter. The ladies appear to be less than merry for some reason!