Wednesday 16 July 2014

7 Northumberland Road Sheffield

7 Northumberland Road Sheffield - June 2014

This mighty fine Victorian Villa lies within the Northumberland Road Conservation Area. But if it had been up to the previous owners of the building it would have been demolished and the whole area grassed over.

However for once Sheffield City Council refused the owner's application to demolish the property. And who were the thwarted owners - none other than the University of Sheffield.

 The University of Sheffield have garnered a poor reputation for building conservation in Sheffield over the years but even by their standards this was truly a case of "cynical neglect." In fact it was inferred that the University deliberately allowed the building to fall into a state of decline and structural disrepair so that it could fulfill some long-term plan. However their blatant ploy was spotted by the Planning Board who refused the University permission to demolish the building.

The University's assertion on movement and that "repairs cannot be carried out economically and without the almost total loss of the building" was totally incorrect as the photograph shows. Repairs were carried out and the result is a fine Victorian villa. Yes as the chairman of the Planning Board remarked "Sheffield University ought to be ashamed of itself"



The Son of the Reverend Duncan Grant - Sheffield

At the same time as I came across the article on Annie Elliott (see previous blog) I also noticed this report.

1911 Census

It was unusual inasmuch as it does not mention his name - he is just the "son of the Rev. Duncan Grant." Nevertheless he must have undergone quite a harrowing ordeal and to be "wonderfully cheerful" at the end of it says a lot about the Rev Grant's only son 

Tuesday 15 July 2014

The Death of Annie Elliott - 17 Clun Street Pitsmoor Sheffield September 1915

When I was at the Local Studies Library researching our book "Long Shadows Over Sheffield" a few months ago, I came across this very small note at the bottom of one page. It was from the inquest that was held to inquire into the death of a young girl, Annie Elliott. The date of the inquest was 13th September 1915

 It suddenly struck me that death and despair was not the sole preserve of those who were dying in their droves in the Great War. It happened on people's doorsteps as well, as it always has done

Clun Street, Pitsmoor, Sheffield

Annie was laid to rest on 15th September 1915 in the nearby cemetery in Burngreave

ELLIOTT, Annie (daughter of H Elliott, age 2).
     Died at 17 Clun St; Buried on September 15, 1915 in General ground;
     Grave Number 90, Section K of Burngreave Cemetery, Sheffield.

Saturday 5 July 2014

Jake and Charlie Hobbs - Rest In Peace

Very sad time at the moment - our cat Charlie died suddenly on Wednesday evening, just a month shy of his 16th birthday. His brother Jake died two years earlier in May 2012. But unlike Jake who was put to sleep at the vets, Charlie died at home which made it more distressing for us. But for Charlie it was a lot better for he hated going in cars, and he certainly was not that fussed with vets. And he spent his last hours with the ones who loved him

My daughter first brought them home from the Sheffield Cat Shelter in 2000. They had been locked up and abandoned in a flat, and both had nearly starved to death through the reprehensible actions of their "owner". The Sheffield Cat Shelter brought them back literally from the dead, and was trying to find them a home. My daughter obliged but as daughters do they leave home and live in flats, houses etc around the country where pets are not allowed.

But fortunately for Jake and Charlie they were not abandoned a second time. Far from it! They became full-time residents of Spring Hill and lived there for the rest of their lives. Their earlier experiences did effect them but time, as they say, is a great healer. Both were "characters" and both were strong-willed to the point of obstinacy at times. They both enjoyed life and spent the bulk of their lives in a safe and secure environment where they were loved and cared for. In return Jake and Charlie were very affectionate in their own particular ways and we will certainly miss them.

 Jake and Charlie waiting to be fed

Jake and Charlie being fed

Jake is the one with the white front. Charlie was black.