Wednesday 4 July 2012

Book-Signing - Waterstones Orchard Square Sheffield 7th July 2012

After posting the article on Ernest Hemingway and the Sheffield Connection, I must mention  a book-signing event this Saturday at Waterstones 7th July 2012 Orchard Square Sheffield

Although the estate of Ernest Hemingway will not be present, myself and co-author Matthew will be, to promote our recently published book Sheffield's Shocking Past  

It has been arranged by our publisher and not having done one before, I am not sure what to expect. But our publisher Neil has managed to get the event publicised in The Sheffield Star dated 28th June 2012


Papa Hemingway and the Sheffield Connection

Just posted an article to the site that I've been meaning to do for sometime. It has turned a lot better than I anticipated but the surprise was that Hemingway's grandfather ERNEST HALL (Hemingway was named after him) appears as a one year old child in the 1841 UK Census living at Brook Hill Sheffield of all places.

Perhaps a plaque on Brook Hill Roundabout would be appropiate with a Hemingway quote

"Never confuse movement with action"

Monday 2 July 2012

On Yer Bike!

I came across this certificate yesterday which I had not seen for years.

I remember the test quite well which is surprsising to say the least. But what I had forgotten is the date I took the test. The certificate was signed - 18th July 1966, twelve days before England's last major success in an international football tournament.

And so I must have took the test during the World Cup campaign of 1966.

No immediate gain ensued for the test, but it did put me in a good position during the 1980's when Thatcher's goverment was telling everyone who did not have a job to "get on their bikes."!!