Friday 23 October 2015

The Walkley Bells - St Marys Church South Road Sheffield

This cutting is dated 15th May 1900.

South Road Walkley Sheffield 1940

But until I read the following article I had no idea that the bells had been damaged in the second world war and had not been rung for over 60years

Sunday 11 October 2015

The Plaque of Thomas Boulsover - May 1984

Thomas Boulsover was a eighteenth century cutler and the inventor of Sheffield Plate. There is quite a bit of information on Thomas and his activities both in print and on-line and so he does not feature as an article on my website. There is a brief reference to him in an article I posted a few years ago on St Paul's Church in Sheffield. Thomas and his wife were buried there but their grave has long disappeared together with the church


His home and works have also disappeared but in May 1984 a plaque was erected at near Wire Mill Dam. Here is a cutting from The Morning Telegraph dated 25th May 1984 describing the unveiling on the plaque


Child's Body Found in an Ashpit - Woodgrove Lane, Sheffield - 28th February 1901

I came across this cutting in The Yorkshire Telegraph and Star dated 28th February 1901. The report shields the reader from the full horror of what occurred. The young child was found at two o'clock in the morning by Henry Hudson whilst emptying an ashpit. An ashpit is a euphemism for a cesspit and the Hudsons were employed to take away "night-soil." and other human waste. The child was basically dumped in a toilet, and left for the rats!

The scene is really the subject of nightmares and yet this occurred in twentieth-century Sheffield.    

Woodgrove Lane was off Penistone Road and was demolished many years ago.