Friday 27 September 2019

The staff of Attercliffe Road Railway station, Sheffield - date unknown

There is an informative article on the station on Wikipedia. Attercliffe Road station was situated on Leveson Street between Attercliffe Road and Effingham Street at Norfolk Bridge (Sheffield).

According to Modern Railways Magazine, March 1995(page 137) Attercliffe Road station closed on Saturday 28th January 1995.

The Unveiling of the Statue of King Edward V11 - Fitzalan Square, Sheffield - Monday 27th October 1913

This photograph shows the Unveiling of the Statue of King Edward V11 in Fitzalan Square, Sheffield on Monday 27th October 1913.

There is more information on the statue in the Public Art in Sheffield and the Hallamshire Historic Buildings websites

Bit the interesting part of the photograph for me is the background. It shows the shop of Fitzalan Square, No 4, Fisher, Son and Sibray Ltd., Nurserymen and part of the Marples Hotel, both of which were destroyed just over 27 years later on the night of 12th December 1940

Eskdale Road, Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield - Tuesday, 8th May 1945 VE Day

This photograph was taken on Tuesday, 8th May 1945 VE Day. It shows the people of Eskdale Road, Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield celebrating the end of the war in Europe.

Apart from the cat, the cup and the upturned Tizer crate, what is most noticeable about this photograph is the near total absence of men - they can't have been all on active service