Thursday 19 November 2020

Cyril John Hyde (1920-1935) - "The boy who did not like school" - Sheffield January 1935

The following newspaper report is from The Manchester Guardian dated 18th January 1935 and refers to an inquest that was held in the death of a 14 year old boy Cyril Hyde. He attended the Sheffield Junior Technical College at Broomgrove Crescent, Sheffield. According to the Head Master's records Cyril had been a persistent absentee during the autumn term of 1934, recording a figure of 34 missed attendances.    

Cyril clearly resented having to go to school so much so that his father had to personally deliver him to the school on the first day of term. Strange for a 14 year old schoolboy!

Cyril obviously thought better of this, returned home in the afternoon, and promptly gassed himself in the bathroom. The coroner's verdict was a formality.

I have had great difficulty getting a handle on this family due to the closure of the Local Studies Library in Sheffield. However I have managed to obtain the following information from the BMD Registers.

Surname First name(s) Spouse District Vol Page 

Marriages Jun 1919  Hyde Cyril L  Aline Short Sheffield 9c 1254  

Births Dec 1920 Hyde Cyril J Short Ecclesall B. 9c 887

Deaths Mar 1935 Hyde Cyril J 14 Ecclesall B.     9c 484

Deaths Dec 1931 Hyde Aline M 37 Ecclesall B.     9c 414  

From this information two points arise - it looks as though Cyril was the only child of the marriage and that his mother Aline died in 1931 when Cyril was only 11 years old. 

Did these two events have a bearing on Cyril's tragic death?



The Execution of George Ainley (1898 – 1918) - An Update

I received this information earlier this week which related to an article I placed on the site many years ago

"We were unaware of this tragic story. My husband  and I visited the National Memorial Arboretum a few years ago. Whilst visiting the 'Shot at Dawn memorial we noticed a plaque with a familiar surname- Ainley. We looked through my late father-in-laws family tree paperwork when we got home and discovered that this was indeed a relative. We have since returned to lay flowers by the memorial."

I also received a few weeks earlier this information that relates to George and his family

"Another addendum to this is the sad case of Arthur Loversidge a newspaper article dated 19 Oct 1910 in the Sheffield Evening Telegraph titled "Sheffield Tragedy Ivory fluter killed on the railway". Arthur was the brother of Alice Mary Ainley nee Loversidge 1875-1922"

Arthur Loversidge was George's uncle and the brother of George's mother Alice Mary

Unfortunately I have been unable to access the newspaper report that relates to the accident. The Sheffield Local Studies Library hase been closed since March this year and it is anyone's guess when it will re-open