Wednesday 23 September 2015

The Last of 631 Fatalities - Sheffield 20th October 1941

Just posted an article on the last two victims to be killed in Sheffield as a result of enemy action in World War 2. Enemy action is not quite correct inasmuch as there were no recorded Luftwaffe attacks in the Sheffield area that Monday evening. And they actually died from an anti-aircraft shell that fell in Clarkhouse Road Sheffield. The report in the Telegraph and Independent dated Wednesday 22nd October 1941 stated that it "fell" but a smaller report in The Lincolnshire Echo states that it "exploded" in the road.

.The young son that George was returning home to see was to become a noted poet and novelist.


Tuesday 22 September 2015

Aunty May's Tree - Wisewood Cemetery, Sheffield

Our dear Aunty May lived to be 80 years of age but sadly died on 29th January 2003 at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield from complications following a cerebral infarction. She was buried on Monday 10th February 2003 at Wisewood Cemetery Sheffield, the same resting place as her parents. May was the first member of the family to have a woodland burial.

Aunty May is on the left in the green jacket 

To mark May's last resting place we planted a silver birch sapling. (2004) which is directly behind the staked tree. This photo was taken in March 2010

 Astounded when we visited the same place on Thursday, 4th June 2015. The tree was tremendous and the setting marvelous. I think Aunt May would have be pleased!  

Sunday 20 September 2015

Doris Laura Hill (1927 - 1929)

I've just posted an article on the site which probably is the most tragic article I've posted - as I said in the article "every parents worst nightmare"

From The Yorkshire Post dated 9th October 1929 - I left the following paragraph attached - the other young girl had a much more eventful life.! 

A Vanished Dale Village Castle Hill Middleton Dale Derbyshire

This cutting is from the Telegraph and Independent dated 14th October 1942

 This report was adjacent to one that recorded a Luftwaffe attack on Ellesmere Road Pitsmoor Sheffield that was to lead to eight fatalities.

One of those fatalities Mr Horace Middleton who was badly injured in the blast died from his injuries seven days later - as far as I'm aware he was the last person to be killed by a German bomb in Sheffield during the Second World War   

Wednesday 9 September 2015

The trials of William Herbert Wallace - Liverpool 1931

The trial of William Herbert Wallace for the murder of his wife Julia in 1931is one of the most notable British trials of the twentieth century. For those readers who are not familiar with the case, there is an excellent account albeit lengthy on this blog.

Over the years I have read a number of books and articles on the murder and its aftermath, but to date I have not reached any definitive solution to the events that occurred that January night in Wolverton Street, Liverpool

But I always keep my eye out so to speak for any additional information and so I was surprised by the following two newspaper articles

The first is an account of Julia's funeral at Anfield Cemetery (Liverpool) on Saturday 24th January 1931

Yorkshire Post 26th January 1931

There were only four mourners at the funeral one of which was her husband William Herbert Wallace. There were no women present. Strange and rather sad

The second cutting is from The Evening Telegraph dated 28th April 1931

 And this is bordering on the macabre - "scores of people made applications to rent Wallace's house at 29 Wolverton Street Richmond Park Liverpool where the murder was committed." Strange and very sad



Robert Dunbar's taxi-drive - Sunday 3rd September 1939

I have just posted another cutting from the Yorkshire Post dated 4th September 1939 which carries a report of a taxi-drive Robert Dunbar took the previous morning.(Sunday 3rd September 1939)

Robert was a former pupil of Hunters Bar school in Sheffield