Thursday 30 April 2020

Albert G Friedrich 233 Crookes Sheffield

I came across this photograph of Crookes. There is no date on the card but the Punch Bowl public house on the right of the photo was built in 1927 on the site of an ealier pub.

The butchers on the left is recorded  in: Sheffield & Rotherham Kelly's Directory.1925

FRIEDRICH, Albert G. (~, Pork Butcher). Address: 223 Crookes, ~ in 1925.

They were still there in 1939  - National Register entry as follows

Name: Albert G Friedrich
Gender: Male
Marital status: Married
Birth Date: 20 Sep 1885
Residence Year: 1939
Address: 223 Crookes(Shop)
Residence Place: Sheffield, Yorkshire (West Riding), England
Occupation: Cork Butcher (master salesman)
Schedule Number: 310
Sub Schedule Number: 1
Enumeration District: KKAR
Registration district: 510-6.
Inferred Spouse: Elsie Friedrich
Inferred Children: Albert E Friedrich
Household Members:
Albert G Friedrich
Elsie Friedrich
Albert E Friedrich
Freda Fredrick (Knowles)
Dorothy Gillott

After retiring Albert lived on Brookland Avenue Fulwood Sheffield, He died 5 days after his 85th birthday 

Name: Albert George Friedrich
Death Date: 25 Sep 1970
Death Place: Sheffield
Probate Date: 6 Nov 1970
Probate Registry: Sheffield

The Funeral of "the boy Harrison" - Sheffield Friday 30th August 1907

Many years ago I posted an article to the site about the terrible tragedy at Moscar on Sunday 25th August 1907 when a charabanc crashed into a wall killing 3 people outright. One of the fatalities was William Ernest Harrison age just 5 years old.

Since then I have expanded the article to include more photographs. Last week a contributor to the Sheffield History Forum posted this photograph showing the funeral procession behind the hearse that carried the coffin of young William. It looks as though the photograph was taken at the corner of Charlotte Road. In the back ground is the spire of St Mary's Church in Bramall Lane. I believe it was the same photographer that took the photograph of the interment at City Road Cemetery

Over a hundred years after the tragedy the grave of William is still lovingly tended

Friday 3 April 2020

As Your Hair Grows Whiter - Henry Dale and The Upperthorpe Three - Sheffield September 1927

Until the events of the last month "rowdy singing at midnight" is a common occurrence in the district of Crookesmoor (Sheffield) but it is many many years since a presiding magistrate called it a great nuisance. In most cases it is just part of living in an area that accommodates a large student population

It was rather interesting to come across this report from the 1st September 1927 when Mr Henry Dale who was described as a wrathful householder decided that the singing of "As Your Hair Grows White" was inappropriate at that time of night.    

It must have been a ferocious assault that left two men unconscious in the road but apart from telling Henry that he had no right to take the law into his own hands, he merely bound him over for 12 months. Short of acquittal it was about the mildest sentence he could get. Perhaps the magistrate had some sympathy for Mr Dale and his actions 

Thursday 2 April 2020

The Birmingham District and Counties Banking Co. Ltd Commercial Street Sheffield

This postcard shows Barclays Bank that stood on the corner of Commercial Street and Fitzalan Square in Sheffield

It was originally built for the The Birmingham District and Counties Banking Co. Ltd but in 1916 that bank was taken over by Barclays Bank Ltd.

It is  a rather splendid building and one any city would be proud of. But as with many similar buildings in Sheffield it was demolished on the orders of the city planners. The reason was a road-widening scheme for Commercial Street so that it could be used as a temporary terminus for Supertram.

It was a shame but what was even worse were the buildings that replaced it in Commercial Street.

These are to the left of the above photograph - it certainly makes you think!

The Mysterious Disappearance of William Dunkley - Monday 28th December 1931 - Sheffield

I have just posted an article to the site concerning the disappearance of William Dunkley in Sheffield on the night of Monday 28th December 1931

It was based on a brief newspaper report that appeared in The Scotsman dated Thursday 31st December 1931

Unfortunately the information given in the article was rather sparse and so I checked to see if the disappearance was covered elsewhere. Thankfully the disappearance was covered in greater detail in other papers and based on that material I was able to draw a feasible solution to the disappearance.