Tuesday, 19 April 2011

George Ainley (1898 - 1918)

For a number of years I have had articles on my website that concern the execution of people from Sheffield by the British army. It has been a matter of adding bits of information and content to the articles as and when it becomes available. It is the one great advantage the web has over traditional printed matter. If you need to update a book you have to reprint it in its entirity.

The access to the 1911 census mentioned in my previous blog has made a harrowing article even more tragic if that is possible. The article in question is


It takes some believing - it is like "Saving Private Ryan" in reverse. "I know you have lost three sons Mrs Ainley, and that George is your only son that has survived childhood, but he is going to be executed because his military character is not good". It could only happen in Britain!  

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