Monday 16 May 2011

Life at the moment

Photo from the local press. Mrs Hobbs has just come to remind me that my team Sheffield United have been relegated this season. It began woefully and went downhill from there. Some of the worst football that has been seen in Sheffield 2 since Wednesday last visited.  North of the border Clyde my "banker" for the Scottish Third Division Championship managed to come LAST  with 32 points, a full 34 points behind Abroath. they did manage to win 8 out of their 36 games.

And to cap it all Saamidd my ante-post bet for the Epsom Derby in June (a horse that Dettori said was like Pegasus) injured himself in the 2000 Guineas and now will not run for the forseeable future.

Oh and Nick Clegg has embraced the concept of "muscular liberalism"

No wonder I look so happy!

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