Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Fit for Heroes!!

I came across the following cutting from The Observer dated 7th July 1918

There are not many times in life where words cannot express the depth of disgust that you are feeling but this is one of them.

Of course traditionally the UK's policies towards discharged and injured members of the armed services has been patchy at best and absolutely lamentable at worst. You would hope that in the C21st matters would have vastly improved but in 2007 a report stated
"One in 10 homeless people in the UK are former members of the armed forces, a charity working with veterans says.
A survey in 1997 by the Ex-Service Action Group on Homelessness suggested that 22% of people who were "street homeless" had a military background."
This was cited as an "improving picture" and not a national disgrace. And given the current governments zeal in making people unemployed/unemployable I fear for a repeat of July 1918

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