Thursday 11 April 2013

John and Audrey Rushton - A Day To Remember

As the country enters a period of profound mourning and despair at the passing of a former politician, I dragged up this old newspaper cutting which amply demonstrates the sheer misery that a "conviction" politician can cause

John and Audrey Rushton seem to have been airbrushed from history - I can find no on-line mention of John's trial and sentence, and given their ages, in all probability, they are no longer here to witness the death of the person who caused them so much grief and anguish. And of course John may have been the first to be sentenced for the crime of non-pyement but he was by no means the last

In fact looking at the last link, it is interesting to note the total lack of support the future Lord Bedwelty gave to his imprisoned colleague. He should hang his head in shame 

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