Wednesday 29 October 2014

Clarence Taylor died 31st May 1916

I participated in the workday at Walkley Cemetery last Saturday 25th October 2014, a rather pleasant autumnal day. We were tackling a rather overgrown section of section B

when I discovered the following memorial that was in marvelous condition albeit slightly slanting

Clarence was a stoker on the battle-cruiser HMS Queen Mary when she was hit by German shells at the Battle of Jutland and sank The casualties were 57 officers and 1,209 men killed; 2 officers and 5 men wounded. One officer and one man were subsequently rescued by German destroyers. 

After the loss of Queen Mary, Admiral Beatty supposedly turned to Chatfield and said the memorable line "There's something wrong with our bloody ships to-day." (Chatfield. The Navy and Defence. p. 143.)  

I was going to post an article to the site but there is a comprehensive amount of information available about the Battle and its aftermath, hence this blog 

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