Friday, 14 November 2014

The grave of Thomas Wilson - Burngreave Cemetery (Sheffield)

One of the walkers on the Walk was a descendent of Thomas Wilson who was killed in the Zeppelin Raid of September 2014. Whilst walking through the Cemetery she asked me if I knew where his grave was. 

Fortunately I had the grave reference in my notes

"Fourth bomb - Corner of Petre Street and Lyon Road (73 Petre Street), Thomas Wilson, who had retired to bed, heard the exploding bombs and rushed to his bedroom window. His timing could not have been worse. As he looked out a bomb fell on a nearby outbuilding and exploded. He was struck on the chin by a bomb fragment and died instantly. 

WILSON, Thomas (Fitter, age 59). Died at 73 Petre Street; Buried on September 30, 1916 in Consecrated ground; Grave Number 542, Section BB of Burngreave Cemetery, Sheffield".

The section is right at the top of the cemetery and after a search (the numbering is rather difficult to follow) we found Thomas's last resting place - it was adjacent to the boundary wall

Thomas was "suddenly killed" on September 26th 1916

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