Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Final Edition of the Sheffield Green'Un - 20th July 2013

I was clearing out some old newspapers today and came across this article about the final print edition of the Sheffield Green 'Un

I came as a surprise as I did not know that it had ceased publication as a print edition. 106 years is a fine achievement but given the changes that have occurred in the way that people access news, I guess closure of the newspaper was inevitable. In fact when I checked to see if it had actually closed, I was informed that the Sheffield Green 'Un was one of the last Saturday sports papers in existence.

I am  also unaware of the new on-line digital edition. I find the websites associated with Johnson Press to be rather cluttered for want of a better phrase, and I very much doubt that they will carry as many reports of local sports as the old print edition did. Time to find out!

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