Friday, 25 November 2016

The Brunswick Hotel Morley Leeds

For quite a few years I have had this framed photograph stored in the attic but I did not know the date and location.

The only hint I had was that it was probably Yorkshire - the Tetleys sign - and possibly more West than East given the nature of the terrain. Also the fact that there were no cars in site made it date circa 1900.I did check "S Wood Wine and Spirit Merchant" and "Brunswick Hotel" in the on-line search engines but gor precisely no-where. 

But I then put the terms into the British Library Newspaper archive and discovered that there was a Brunswick Hotel in the Morley district of Leeds. It opened in the late C19th which ties in with the photo. There is a current photo of the Brunswick Hotel on Flickr which is copyrighted but it appears that it shut its doors for the last time  circa 2005, and is now some rather depressing flats.

Of course the question that is puzzling me now is how I came to have a photo of a Leeds pub in the attic in the first place?.

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