Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Sheffield's First Foot Hospital - November 1936 "Hospital for City's Feet"

This cutting is from the Daily Independent dated 2nd November 1936 and refers to the opening of Sheffield's First Foot Hospital at 1 Northumberland Road. The building still stands today and has listed status. And by co-incidence was opened 80 years ago this week

I came across this cutting purely by chance - a previous owner of the property in 1871 was a  landowner and gentleman called Mr John Bingley and he was the great grandfather of Herbert William "Billie" Thomas who I mentioned in earlier blogs.

The cutting also made me smile when the Lord Mayor of Sheffield admitted that he "had seen ladies perform various gymnastic feats to try and ease their feet." mmm

And the article also reminded me of the situation that exsisted in this country prior to the advent of the NHS - not an appealing prospect to say the least. 

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