Thursday, 5 January 2017

The mother, the medium and the murder that changed the law - Frederick Nodder 1937

I had a pleasant surprise this morning when I received the news that an article I had assisted on had made it to the main pages of the BBC News website. 

The journalist who wrote the article mailed this  

"The story went up this morning and I was pleased to see how much made it through the editorial process. It has made it on to the news front page.

Many thanks for your invaluable help.

Any questions and comments, don’t hesitate to get in touch."

I posted the article on "The Execution of Frederick Nodder 1937" many years ago. Apart from an excellent account of the trial(s) in the Famous British Trials series of books, there was very little on-line or in print about the murder and the main protaganists.

A few years after the article was posted, I was able to trace Nodder back to his birth in Sheffield in 1887 which no-one had done before. 

As I said at the end "Frederick Nodder, the abductor and murderer of Mona Tinsley in Newark was a resident of Sheffield for much of his life - I wonder what his brothers, sisters and extended family thought of his actions?. It would be interesting to find out"

I never have.

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