Sunday 25 June 2017

Ebenezer Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Bramall Lane, Sheffield

I am starting to get worried now as this is the second time in less than a month that I have posted a blog that relates to Wesleyan Reform Chapel's. A sign from above perhaps?

But like the one I posted on the Weselyan Chapel at School Road, Crookes this does include a photograph that has not been seen before

Ebenezer Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Bramall Lane, Sheffield

This photograph appeared on the Sheffield History Forum and shows the chapel in its prime.

The above photograph was taken by a family member whilst the chapel was in the process of being demolished. I have not got an exact date but the photograph is circa 1979 - 80. I believe that the reason for the demolition apart from declining attendances was that it stood in the way of the now-fabled Bramall Lane dual-carriageway.

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  1. Boris Barker, son of David Anthony Barker and Sheila Margaret Barker. My family were the caretakers of the chapel between 1976 and 1979. Each Saturday morning the family (Helen, Laura, Rachel, myself, Mom and Dad, would sweep the pigeon droppings from the front yard. Afterwards I’d often skateboard on the yard. 1979 the council visited, decided that, as we had no bathroom only an outside toilet and a zink bath dragged in front of the Yorkshire range once a week and no central heating, the house was uninhabitable. We were moved out.