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The Funeral of John Firth - Ecclesall Church Sheffield May 1869

I was going to post an article to the site based on this report  that appeared in the Sheffield and Rotherham Independent newspaper on 8th May 1869. A classic Victorian funeral

John Firth (c 1824-1869) Merchant and steel manufacturer

c.1824 Born son of Thomas Firth, Senior in Sheffield

1841 Living in Sheffield: Thomas Firth (age c52), steel refiner, with Mary (age c48), Mark (age c220 a clerk, Thomas (age c190 a steel refiner, John (age c17) a clerk, Edward (age c11), Mary (age c9), Elizabeth (age c6), and Charles (age c4)[1]

1850 Thomas Firth Snr died. John joined his brothers in their business, Thomas Firth and Sons.

1856 Married Charlotte Harding

1861 A steel and iron manufacturer, living in Chesterfield with Charlotte 31, Charles H Firth 4, Lewis John Firth 2, Mary Alice Firth 10 months[2]

1869 Died at sea[3], whilst on holiday with his wife in the Mediterranean[4]  

Holt House also appears on my website - I spent a couple of years there as a pupil!

As a footnote the arrangements for the funeral was made by Mr Skelton Cole, one of the Cole Brothers

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