Wednesday, 12 June 2019

A Bulldog at 167 Crookes Sheffield - 15th September 1924 - The Heroism of Joshua Greatorex

The above cutting is from The Manchester Guardian dated 2nd December 1924 and refers to the actions of Joshua Greatorex at a house at 167 Crookes. The report ends by stating that he "undoubtedly saved the boy's life". I wonder what happened to the boy whose life was saved.

The house at 167 Crookes where the attack took place no longer exists. It was demolished after the war and replaced with flats   

As for Joshua, I have found out that at the time of the attack he would have been around 63 years old. He was to live for another 19 years before passing away in July 1943. He is buried in the cemetery at Crookes

GREATOREX, Joshua Frederick (Retired, age 82).
Died at 52 Newlands Drive; Buried on July 31, 1943 in Consecrated ground; 
Grave Number 5159, Section JJ of Crookes Cemetery, Sheffield.

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