Friday 29 July 2022

Maurice Madden's Last Day - Friday 02 July 1915 Nether Edge Sheffield - an Update

Earlier this year I posted an article to the site with the title "Maurice Madden's Last Day - Friday 02 July 1915 Nether Edge Sheffield"

It was a family tragedy that received widespread coverage in the local press due to the fact that Maurice was only ten years old when he was involved in a collision with a motor vehicle near his home in Montgomery Road, Nether Edge Sheffield

This afternoon I was going through some old magazines, one of which was the local advertising magazine called "Grapevine." In the January 2021 edition there was this article that was submitted by Mr. Jason Heath of John Heath and Sons. It refers to a photograph that was taken in Montgomery Road, Nether Edge, Sheffield by the company  some hundred years ago. There were no details on the photograph but a couple of local residents definitely identified the houses and the road as being Montgomery Road, the same road were the Madden family lived and died. 

Of course you can never be sure but the funeral could well be that of either the son Maurice who died in July 1915 or his father who died two years later in July 1917. Apart from the location the fact that the aforementioned trees are in leaf would point a funeral that took place in summer rather than winter. 

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