Wednesday 12 April 2023

The Death of Elias Armitage - Canal Basin Sheffield March 1908

 I have just posted an article to the site regarding the death of Elias Armitage in March 1908 in the Camal Basin at Sheffield

The inquest that was held on Monday 06 April 1908 was a strange one inasmuch as the Coroner directed the jury NOT to return a verdict of suicide on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence to prove that this was the case. He then goes on to say that the case points strongly to the fact that the victim did commit suicide and he had "no doubt that Armitage did commit suicide." If that was his strong belief why did he not convey this to the jury? But he the goes on to say that it was possible for Armitage to have fallen into the canal unintentionally. The jury must have been by this time been totally confused by the Coroner's musings and returned an open verdict. This was of course the correct verdict as no one could say for certain what caused Elias's death.

The only thing I am perplexed about is that I can find no record of a burial for Elias after the inquest or if indeed he had any family. 

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