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The Sanby name in the 1881 Census - England and Wales

My grandmother's maiden name was Sanby which is not a common surname. I knew very little about my gran's ancestors  when I started off researching my family history but over the years I have pieced the Sheffield Sanbys and have a fair grip on their comings and goings

I have just come across this information which was supplied to me over 20 years ago and forgotten about it.

It is not a complete list - for instance my great grandparents Edwin and Mary Sanby nee Broomhead do not featured on the list  - they were transcribed as Sambery!

There were a total of 72 Sanbys who appear on the 1881 Census. The first of the two places names is place of birth and the second the place the person was living at the time the Census was taken 

SANBY, Kemp FathL <1796> Linc Lanc
SANBY, Jane Wife <1819> Nham Nham
SANBY, John Head <1820> Linc Nham
SANBY, James R. Head <1825> Lanc Lanc
SANBY, Agnes Wife <1831> York York
SANBY, Hannah M. Wife <1831> Lanc Lanc
SANBY, Hannah Head <1833> York York
SANBY, Frederick Head <1835> Nott Mntg
SANBY, Isabella Wife <1840> Mntg Mntg
SANBY, Mary Wife <1844> Leic York
SANBY, Absolam Head <1845> Linc York
SANBY, Edward Head <1846> Suss Lond
SANBY, Edwin Head <1846> York Derb
SANBY, George Head <1846> Irel Dors
SANBY, Elizabeth Wife <1847> Surr Lond
SANBY, Elizabeth Wife <1849> York Derb
SANBY, Annie Wife <1850> York York
SANBY, Ellen Wife <1850> Hamp Suss
SANBY, Samuel D. Head <1851> Suss
SANBY, William B. Head <1851> York York
SANBY, Helen A.C. Wife <1852> Suss Lond
SANBY, Job E. Head <1853> Linc Nott
SANBY, Elizth. Ann Serv <1854> Linc Nott
SANBY, George Head <1854> Kent Lond
SANBY, Joseph Bord <1854> York York
SANBY, Emily Wife <1855> Dors Dors
SANBY, John E. Head <1856> Nott Nott
SANBY, Frederick Head <1857> York York
SANBY, Jane Bord <1857> York York
SANBY, Sarah A. Wife <1859> Nott Nott
SANBY, Annie J. Serv <1860> York York
SANBY, Bernard J. Son <1860> Lanc Lanc
SANBY, Elizabeth Wife <1860> York York
SANBY, Priscilla Sis <1861> Kent Lond
SANBY, Charles R. Son <1862> Lanc Lanc
SANBY, George C. Cous <1862> Indi Glou
SANBY, Kate C. Wife <1864> Nott
SANBY, Geo. Son <1865> York York
SANBY, Martha Dau <1865> Staf Mntg
SANBY, Agnes Dau <1867> York York
SANBY, George T.W. Neph <1868> Lond Lond
SANBY, Sarah Ann Dau <1869> York Derb
SANBY, Clara Dau <1870> York Derb
SANBY, Jane Dau <1870> York York
SANBY, John Son <1870> Mntg Mntg
SANBY, Benjamin Son <1872> Mntg Mntg
SANBY, Edwin Son <1872> York Derb
SANBY, Annie E. Dau <1873> York York
SANBY, Emily Dau <1874> York York
SANBY, George H. Son <1874> Mntg Mntg
SANBY, Alfred E. Nrsl <1876> Surr
SANBY, Alice Dau <1876> York Derb
SANBY, Ada Dau <1877> York York
SANBY, Robert W. Son <1877> Suss
SANBY, Ada Dau <1878> York York
SANBY, Albert J. Son <1878> Lond Lond
SANBY, Bertha Dau <1878> York York
SANBY, Elizabeth Dau <1878> York Derb
SANBY, George Son <1878> Dors Dors
SANBY, Jane Bord <1878> York York
SANBY, Arthur G. Son <1879> Lond Lond
SANBY, Athur Son <1879> Nott Nott
SANBY, Eliza Ann Dau <1879> York York
SANBY, Henry Bord <1879> York York
SANBY, Mary E. Dau <1879> Mntg Mntg
SANBY, May Dau <1879> Dors Dors
SANBY, Elizabeth Dau <1880> York York
SANBY, Florence H. Dau <1880> Lond Lond
SANBY, George Son <1880> Derb Derb
SANBY, Henry W. Son <1880> York York
SANBY, Leonard Son <1880> Dors Dors
SANBY, Sabina Dau <1880> Nott Nott

There are Sanbys still around in Sheffield but there are fewer than they were in 1881. 

Any information on the Sanbys would be gratefully received,

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