Wednesday 22 November 2023

Joshua Frederick Greatorex Saves A Life - Crookes Sheffield - 1924

 Right at the top of Crookes Cemetery Sheffield in Section JJ which I believe is adjacent to the Roman Catholic section is the grave of Joshua Frederick Greatorex

GREATOREX, Joshua Frederick (Retired, age 82).

     Died at 52 Newlands Drive; Buried on July 31, 1943 in Consecrated ground;

     Grave Number 5159, Section JJ of Crookes Cemetery, Sheffield. Plot Owner: of ~. Page No 53

Joshua is no doubt forgotten now but in 1924 he was awarded a bravery award for saving a young boys life at 167 Crookes. 

This is from the Guardian dated 2nd December 1924

167 Crookes no longer exists - the houses there were demolished and replaced by flats in the 1960's
And unfortunately the report does not name the boy he rescued but he was fortunate to survive such a vicious attack.  

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