Thursday 9 December 2010

Wooden Crosses - Burngreave Cemetery

I came across the following report in The Guardian dated 23rd October 1930. Sheffield suffered greatly in the aftermath of the Great War as it was called then, The "land fit for heroes" never materialized and Sheffield spent most of the inter-war period battling high levels of unemployment, starvation wages and poverty in the true sense of the word. It is only by putting aside coppers over the years in "burial clubs" that poor people could even manage to get buried. The stigma of a paupers grave was still prevalent then as it is now.

The authorities at the Cemetery obviously saw the installation of wooden crosses by poor people as being prejudicial to the general interests of the cemetery and took corrective action by refusing to allow the practice to continue. I am hazarding a guess that the "authorities" are revealing class prejudices in their actions, but hounding the poor after their death is taking it a bit too far,

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