Tuesday 1 May 2012

Local Elections - May 2011

At 20.40pm last night I was sat watching the "match of the season" between the two Manchester sides at home. The scores were level when there was a knock on the front door. I got up and was greeted by the local Green Party candidate in the forthcoming election. As this was the first candidate from ANY party to knock on the door since the early 1980's I took the opportunity to "bend his ear" on a number of local matters that were and still are vexing me.

I did of course caution him about the dangers of "coalition politics" and he gave me his assurances that if elected the Green Party would pursue an independent course, and not "cosy" up to any particular party.

The fact that he took the trouble to knock on my door has impressed me. What was less impressive is that I missed seeing Sir Alex's face when the City scored. My wife used the phrase "taciturn". And so as the choruses of "Blue Moon" echoed around the Etihad Stadium, the song seemed to reflect the chances of the Green Party achieving electoral success in Sheffield.

But you never know!

Update - He lost to New Labour by about 200 votes but he ran into a fine second, and secured a lot more votes than the Liberal Democrats whose vote collapsed. I wonder why?. The Conservative party put up there normal lamentable show 

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