Monday, 3 September 2012

A Headline That Will Not Appear Again

Whilst I was researching some material the other day at the Local Studies library I came across the following headline in The Sheffield Star which provoked a wry smile.

 Many years ago I had the misfortune to read the book, a task that I will thankfully never have to repeat.
It is an incoherent and chaotic mis-mash of "ideas" that make for turgid reading. The wry smile came about whn I looked at the date of the paper - September 1939 - I wonder if the people of Sheffield were getting genned up on the Nazis prior to their threatened invasion of this "sceptred isle"

The other point that made me smile was that it knocked Stanley Gibbons Stamp catalogue off the top spot. Personally I'd have Stanley Gibbons any day 

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