Tuesday 30 July 2013

View From A Hill - 29th July 2013

We are in the process of having the wall at the back of our house re-rendered. I believe that it was last done in the 1950's and over the last few years the covering had deteriorated quite badly.

Whilst the scaffolding was up I took the opportunity to check the roof, clear the gutter out and revarnish the upper window frames. I also took the following photographs looking out over the city of  Sheffield

As you can see the the skyline is dominated by the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. You can also see the gathering storm clouds. Ten minutes after these photos were taken, a thunderstorm broke and it bucketed it down. Time to get down from the scaffolding!

I am hoping that the varnish does what it says on the tin - dry's in 30 minutes otherwise it is another trip up the ladder.

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