Wednesday 9 October 2013

The Flashing Lights

It has been well over three weeks since the last posting, but I can assure my reader(s) that I have not been idling about.

As most people know, everyday life has a habit of interfering with things you enjoy doing. I went for a long overdue eye-test last month - I have worn contact lens every day for nearly forty years. The optician noticed some slight inflamation around the pupils, and said that it was due to the lens sticking to the pupil rather than moving with the pupil. A new set of lens were ordered which was not unexpected as the last time I changed them was in 2010.( I inadvertantly washed them down the sink whilst I was cleaning my lens case!)

Anyway ever since the examination I have had what is termed "flashing lights" in my left eye. At first it was rather disconcerting but I am gradually getting used to them.  I "googled" the condition and ascertained that it was nothing to worry about - it should settle down in a month or two. But what was rather more perturbing is that they are yet another sign of old age!!.

Despite the "lights", I have manged to update a few articles on the website: the most noticable one being The Beighton Doodlebug - Xmas Eve December 1944.

A number of people have contacted me over the years regarding the raid on Xmas Eve 1944. The latest person was a researcher from North Wales who kindly sent me a newspaper cutting from the local paper about a V1 that landed at Rofft Wood near Foel y Crio. It was launched at the time as the one that exploded at Beighton, but this one did not explode. The lack of official records has caused some controversy amongst historians, but there is no doubt in my mind regarding the veracity of the incident.  



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