Thursday, 20 February 2014

Ronald Ludwig 1931 - 1933

This is the burial record of Ronald Ludwig
LUDWIG, Ronald (son of Matthew, age 2).
     Died at 12 Herries Rd; Buried on August 28, 1933 in Consecrated ground;
     Grave Number 7771, Section U of City Road Cemetery, Sheffield.

 Ronald's death appeared in The Times Friday August 25th 1933


Death form tetanus following an accidental abrasion was the verdict at an inquest in Sheffield yesterday on the body of RONALD LUDWIG aged two, whose mother stated that the boy had a small abrasion on the left heel, caused through wearing shoes without stockings. A  doctor expressed the opinion that the child contacted the infection through running about without shoes and stockings 

Of course there is a slight problem here - Ronald's mother stated that the abrasion was caused by wearing shoes without stockings whereas the doctor stated that he contracted tetanus by not wearing shoes.

What probably happened is that the ill-fitting shoes caused the abrasion and to lessen the irritation and pain, young Ronald took his shoes off, and in doing so, contracted tetanus through the sore(s)

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