Friday, 28 March 2014

Furnace Park Shalesmoor Sheffield - 22nd March 2014

I did my first ever open-air talk last Saturday afternoon at Furnace Park Shalesmoor Sheffield

Furnace Park occupies the site where an appalling tragedy took place on Wednesday 25th August 1886 when a wall collapsed on a group of children playing killing 8 of them. I placed the article on my site many years ago and was asked by the organisers to speak about the tragedy and its aftermath.

I really enjoyed the event and met some of the descendents of those poor children who were killed that day. And I also learned something - always put you notes on a clipboard. With the microphone in one hand and my notes in the other, the gusty wind kept blowing the notes apart which did not help my delivery.

Still I think those present found the talk interesting and informative, I certainly did


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