Sunday 7 February 2016

Doris Laura Hill 1927 -1929

In September 2015 I posted to the blog and to the site information surrounding the tragic death of Doris Laua Hill in City Road Sheffield October 1929.

Today I have received two more photographs that I have posted to the article. The first is of Doris herself

and the second is of her father PC Fred Hill

He is standing in the middle of City Road just below the main Cemetery gates. The fact that he has white armbands and gloves seems to indicate that he was directing traffic possibly a funeral through the main gates of the Cemetery The lack of traffic behind Fred would support this theory. I would put the photo late 1920's early 1930's. It is quite possible that the photo was taken by a professional photographer - I have a couple of photos on my site of actual funerals which seems rather strange nowadays but not so in the early C20th. 

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