Monday, 21 March 2016

Roman Catholic Mortuary Chapel at City Road Cemetery, Sheffield

In August 2011 I posted this blog to the site concerning the Roman Catholic Mortuary Chapel at City Road Cemetery, Sheffield

I concluded the post by stating

"It is a disgrace that such a striking and historic building should have been allowed to reach such a state. Sheffield is not over-endowed with Grade 2 listed buildings and so why was this chapel allowed to get in this state?"

I was rather surprised when I came across this cutting in The Sheffield Telegraph dated Thursday 17th March 2016

I raised my concerns in my blog five years ago and it is self evident that nothing has happened in the interim. The chapel has been in a state of disrepair and dereliction for many years but it took "a member of the public" to raise to matter with Sheffield Council. The Council don't seem to be proactive on this matter! 

However if you read the article closely it appears that the Council's £100,000 fund is just for "essential repairs" to a number of buildings - the chapel is just one amongst many buildings that the Council have left to rot over the years.

You can almost hear the dragging of "coucil bosses" feet over the repairs to the chapel. And it should be noted that there is no memtion at all in the article of renovation.

If the Council can't or won't renovate the building, why don't they sell it to some third party who will? I await "the bosses" decision with interest  


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