Wednesday 22 February 2023

Herbert Sanby and his pigeons - Walkley Sheffield August 1942

 I have managed to resolve this after quite a long time. The problem was that there were three Herbert Sanby's in my family tree - one was born in 1892 the next in 1912 and the last, four years later in 1916.

The one born in 1892 was my great grandfathers nephew and he had a son also called Herbert in 1916.

The one born in 1912 was the son of Walter Sanby born 1886 (also my great grandfathers nephew), who was the older brother of Herbert born 1892.

But the reason for sorting this out was that in August 1942 Herbert Sanby was prosecuted for buying beans for pigeon food without surrendering the appropriate ration documents. It appears he bought a quarter of a ton of beans for the sum of £8 5s (abt £272GBP ay todays prices)    

It is inferred in the report that this was one of the first of many prosecutions that were going to be initiated by the authorities for breaching the rationing regulations. He was found guilty and fined £4 (abt. £130GBP at todays prices). Seems a bit steep to me.

But going back to the beginning of the article I did not know which of the three Herbert's was prosecuted - my only lead was that Herbert lived on Walkley Road. But I have just come across a probate record from January 1960 and it confirms that it was the Herbert born in 1892 my great grandfathers nephew who was the miscreant and not the other two.

His estate was just over £6000GBP 



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