Sunday 17 December 2023

Frederick Greenwood's "Family" - Collyhurst, Manchester August 1922

The following cutting is from The Manchester Guardian dated 19th August 1922 and I must admit I had a wry smile when I read the report. Collyhurst was a working class district of Manchester and is about one and a half miles north-east of the city centre.  

According to the report Frederick lived alone and was reclusive. But on the day of the funeral 18th August 1922 quite a few relatives attended, the most prominent being a Mrs Clara Hall and her two brothers from Sheffield. They "claimed" that Frederick was their great uncle. Another un-named women from Heaton Park Manchester also "claimed" she was related

For those relatives who were unable to attend the funeral they sent letters "claiming" they were also related to Frederick.  

The Hull Evening News dated 17th August 1922 had this far more detailed report

The last report is intriguing. The Sheffield connection is that one woman turned up on one occasion, got no reply and then went to a neighbours for a cup of tea. And the line that that his relatives may have been unaware of his failing health is clearly troubling inasmuch as they all seemed to know of his death and the funeral.  

However these "claims" of kinship at the funeral seem to be rather strange. As I cannot see any references to condolences in the reports  I can only assume that the "relatives" were more interested in acquiring the assets of the late Mr Greenwood rather the paying their respects to a departed family member . At the time of his death they were worth £18000 which is approximately £715,000 in todays money.    

I would like to know if any of the "relatives" did acquire Frederick's assets. If anyone can assist please let me know 

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