Sunday 10 December 2023

The Duchess of York's Visit to Sheffield - July 1934 - An Update

Last year, Friday 1st April 2022 to be precise  I posted an article to this blog that featured The Duchess of York's Visit to Sheffield in July 1934. I was going to post an article to the website concerning the visit  but could not use any photos of the visit due to copyright reasons. I was vexed that I would have to pay money to some greedy corporate entity that really has no place in copyrighting the image in the first place.

But last week I came across this cutting from The Scotsman newspaper which goes into far more detail of the visit that its English counterparts but also gives a reason for the Duke of York's absence from the visit. It appears that he was suffering from a poisoned hand and was advised not to accompany his wife to the allotments to dig some spuds. 

On a wider note I have found over the years that non English newspapers often carry far more information about events than the English national newspapers do. Why this occurs I do not know and I have never been able to find a satisfactory explanation



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