Tuesday 12 March 2024

Joseph Jonas - Paul Gutheinz - An update

In March 2021 I was contacted by a writer who was authoring a book on Paul Gutheinz (1875 – 1941), He was related to Paul Mauser in Oberndorf / Germany, who had worked (as a bookkeeper) for Joseph Jonas in the years 1892 to 1897.

The writer had come across my article on Sir Joseph Jonas who had what could be called an "interesting life" and was a leading figure in late C19th and early C20th century Sheffield

The author has just contacted me and said the book has now been published (including English translation). Here are the details.

This is the front cover  of the book and full information can be found at a dedicated website 

The book costs 29 EUR + 17 EUR for shipping, in total 46 EUR, which would be around 39 GBP.


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