Tuesday 12 March 2024

Tom Robinson - Walkley Cemetery Sheffield 1908

 I have just come across this receipt that appeared on an auction site. It dates from 1908 and relates to the purchase of a grave at Sheffield's Walkley Cemetery,

The purchaser of the grave is one Tom Robinson of 161 Howard Road Walkley who paid the sexton J Bingham £3.12s.0d for the plot. Mr Bingham appears in an article I posted to the site in April 2022 and was regarded at the time of his death in 1917 as being one of the most respected men in Walkley.

The price Tom Robinson paid in 1908 is roughly the equivalent of £300 in today's money.

Section G is at the bottom of the main path in the cemetery and is is where my great grandparents and other family members are buried.

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