Thursday 20 January 2011

"They can be smoked all day without affecting the throat in the slightest"

At the same time as I came across the previous report I saw this advertisement. It is now obvious that if all tobacco companies "toasted" their tobacco there would be no throat irritations and coughs.


Incidentally Viscount Castlerosse died at the age of 51 but at least he did not have a smokers cough!
Valentine Edward Charles Browne, 6th Earl of Kenmare (29 May 1891 – 20 September 1943), styled Viscount Castlerosse from 1905 to 1941, was the Earl of Kenmare and the son of Valentine Browne, 5th Earl of Kenmare. He was a journalist for The Sunday Express.[1] He had no children.[2]

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