Friday 21 January 2011

Vauxhall - A Warning From History

The "exhaust emission light" lit up on the dashboard of car this morning. Out came the service manual, and sure enough I was referred to my local Vauxhall dealer which in my book is akin to being mugged. But if you are mugged you can use "reasonable force" against you assailant and report the matter to the police. With a Vauxhall dealer you just stand there whilst they fleece you for as much as they can, And it is legal!! 

I also fear that this will be the start of many faults. Once a car hits 60,000 miles I always seem to get a clutch of faults and problems - but this time may be the last because the way things are going the car is going to become an expensive luxury for the working man. I wonder if the ever increasing costs of motoring are a  conscious policy decision by the Con-Lib Coalition to drive the lower orders of the road so they will have more room to swan around. mmmm 

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