Tuesday, 8 March 2011

2011 Census - More Misery from the ONSS

On the same day as I read about Sgt John Broadley, I received from the Office of National Statistics a large booklet to complete for inclusion in the UK's 2011 Census.
Whilst researching my family history and articles on my website, I have made extensive use of the C19th UK Census's. In fact they have proved invaluable.
I worked as an Assitant Census Officer on the 1991 Census and it proved to be a fascinating insight into the fag-end of "Thatchers Brave New World". Certainly an eye-opening experience!
I do not have any real objection to completeing the current form, but I was greatly disheartened to see that the ONS once again could not resist threats and coercion against people who have genuine objections to divulging information

"The fine for not completing and returning a 2011 Census questionnaire is up to £1,000.You may also have to pay costs.
The amount of the fine for not completing the 2011 Census questionnaire will be determined in each individual case by the magistrate. The fine is subject to level 3 on the standard scale under the Criminal Justice Act.
Any revision to the Criminal Justice Act could change the fine for an offence under the Census Act 1920" 

The "freedom fighters" of our coalition government appear to be rather "tardy" in revoking this crass pece of legislation. In the absence of any meaningful action on the part of the coalition , the only course of action left open to people who object to the 2011 Census questions is to take a leaf out of the Con-Lib manifesto and LIE!!!

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