Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Diary of Corporal John William Ballinger

Having access to the 1911 Census is proving to be a great asset. For instance I have had this newspaper cutting from the Daily Telegraph since 2007 but have never been able to incorporate it into the website
I came across it again when I was compiling the article on Walter Hutchinson and his diary and have now found John in 1911
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Name     John William Ballinger
Condition     Single
Gender Male   
Age 21 Estimated Year of Birth 1890
Occupation Nil
Employed No
Working at Home No
Place of Birth     Forest Gate Essex
Military Rank     Private 1st Bn Manchester Regiment
Enumerator Information
Address     Kamptee Town     Kamptee Inhabited     Y
Reference     RG14PN34980 RD641 SD5 ED1 SN9999 Administrative County     Overseas Military
Enumeration District     1 

Like Walter Hutchinson, John's diary makes for sobering reading

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  1. Hey my name is Daniel I’m actually related I’m his great great grandchild I’m janets grandson and I’m joanne son and wondered if you have anymore photos as I really interested about all this stuff 😊