Monday, 5 March 2012

Let the Good Times Roll

" New financial figures released in conjunction with the 2011 Cambridge University Annual Report last Friday, 2 March, have valued the combined endowment assets of all Cambridge colleges and the separate Cambridge University Endowment Fund at £4 billion.
This makes the University the wealthiest institution of higher education in the UK. In addition, if the endowments of Oxford (£3.3 billion from combined college and university endowments) and Edinburgh (£200 million) are excluded, Cambridge’s wealth stands as larger than double that of all other UK universities combined".

The staggering wealth values the university – with a staff and student population population of 30,000 – at more than £130,000 per head. It eclipses Monaco, the richest country in the world, which was most recently calculated to have a GDP per capita of £108,409.

The reason for the size of Cambridge’s wealth is the success it has in securing donations among alumni who have gone on to make large fortunes upon leaving the University. Mmmm.. and nothing at all to the benign and relaxed regime it experiences under each successive UK government  

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